Used Curriculum Instructions

1. Click the Tag Templatebuttonin the Used Curriculum Sale section of the website. Here you will find the tags to attach to your books. Make an appropriate number of copies for the number of books to be sold. Card Stock works best for book tags but using high quality printer paper is the next best choice. Printer paper tags are flimsy and can become torn or separated from the items to be sold.

2. Fill in the information for each item. When pricing, keep in mind that a 20% consignment fee will be deducted from your price. For ease in cashing out your sales, we ask that you not price anything below $1.00. Free items must also be tagged.

3. Before cutting out each tag to be adhered to a book, make a copy of your completed tag page for your records.

4. Using rubber cement, sparingly glue the tag to the inside of the book’s front cover. Rubber cement works best at preserving items when removing tags and can be bought at grocery stores, pharmacies, OfficeMax and Staples.

5. Retain your copies and bring them with you to retrieve your unsold items from the Used Curriculum Exchange.

6. We strongly recommend that you sell items individually. Items sold as sets can get separated, keeping them from getting sold. If you must sell multiple items as a set, the first item in the set must have a tag. Each subsequent item must be clearly marked in pencil, “#2 of 3, #3 of 3”, etc., along with the last name of the person selling the items. Please bind your sets securely together in some way. Run string through the bindings of larger books and tie them.Tie the strings of each book together. Package small sets in zip lock bags and clearly mark them, taping an additional tag to inside of the zip lock. Put phonics and science sets in boxes and cover them with plastic wrap so the shopper can see what is included, with the tag inside of the box. Please note: Books will not be received for sale if not properly prepared as per instructions. We cannot accept encyclopedia sets and discarded public school curriculum.

7. Deliver your used curriculum to the conference on Saturday between 7:30 am and 8:30 am. Hours for shopping will be from9:00am until2:30 pm. We will issue money for sold items beginning at 3:30 pm. Using your tag copies, you may at this time collect your unsold books. We ask that you do not leave the conference without claiming your unsold items.

8. We cannot accept responsibility for lost, stolen or unclaimed items. All sales are final. We ask that you review your receipts carefully as no adjustments will be made following the close of the Used Curriculum Exchange. Items without tags cannot be sold and no free items will be accepted unless tagged.

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