High School Track

We’re happy to announce the return of our High School Track for teens in 9th – 12th grade for the upcoming school year!  This is the year to grow our friendships and to make new ones to build up the Kingdom of God so we have lots of fun planned for the day!

Registration is included on the Conference Registration form.

  • Early Bird Registration is $20 and ends on May 16th.
  • Regular Registration is $25 and ends on July 1st.

9:00      Check-in

9:30      Welcome, icebreaker (tent)

10:00    Team meetings (Lunch table area)

10:45    Restroom break, snacks (Lunch table area)

11:00    Team competitions (Field)

11:30    Team competitions (Tent)

12:15    Restroom break

12:30    Team competitions (Tent) 

1:15      Awards, wrap up talk (Tent)

1:30      Pizza lunch (Tent), restroom break

2:15      Large group game (Tent)

3:00      Conclusion