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When we contacted the main speakers with the sad news that we had to cancel this year’s 21st annual conference, they were still eager to share Catholic homeschool ideas with you, so we decided to host our very first virtual conference!

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Rita Munn

Founder, Catholic Heritage Curricula

Routines, Habits and Rituals that Shape Our Days in the Homeschool

When we begin to structure our lives and our lives within a home that has taken home education as its theme and priority, it is necessary that we place due importance upon the routines, habits, and the rituals that shape our days. I encourage each of us through shared reflection and discussion to consider not only the nature of our family’s routines, habits, and rituals but to see that as parents we are the keeper of the keys of peace and growth in the ways we establish our Rituals, Habits, and Routines.

Rita Munn (in her own words):

Ronald and I were married in 1973. I had just graduated from St. Dominic School of Nursing and he from Mississippi State with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. We began our married journey just as Ronald entered the Navy as a helicopter pilot. We prayed for children and the good Lord was gracious beyond our imagining (10 wonderful children and now 10 grands). With great blessings come equally great challenges. Jesus in His mercy never fails to send His abundant grace sufficient to make this journey a true adventure. We are grateful that each new day presents more for which to  be thankful including the challenges and setbacks.


Barbara J. Berg

Educational Therapist & Tutor

Bio coming soon

Walsh, M

Margaret Walsh

Special Needs

Special Education with a Catholic Perspective

Talking about what potentials the students have and the hope that God has given us within our structure of being both body and soul. In this, we will cover the topics of the process of understanding, the composition of body and soul, the ability for change, how to approach special education at home and the most important knowledge, knowledge of God.

Margaret graduated with a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts from Thomas Aquinas College and went on to receive a Master's in Special Education. She has also received specialized training in different therapy programs. While bringing professional services to families, Faith is of utmost importance to her and she strives to see each student in light of God. She is a kind and understanding teacher, while at the same time encouraging high standards, and loves to have fun with and see her students succeed.

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